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An ancient fortress and capital in the year 1301.Situated in the Kurunagala District about 90 miles from Colombo,Yapahuwa is,like the better known Sigiriya,A rock rising abruptly from its surroundings,to a height of about 300 ft.Yapahuwa is surrounded by moats and ramparts.Many traces of other ancient battle defenses may still be seen,while an ornamental stairway remains its biggest showpiece.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Over 7 miles east of Anuradhapura is Mihinthale regarded as the cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.The rock is riddled with shrines and rock dwellings.A grand stairway of 1,840 steps made of granite slabs 15' wide leads to the summit,from where one could get a splendid view of the surrounding countryside.Mihinthale is very important to Sri Lankan.

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One of seven World Heritage Sites,Sigiriya - a rock fortress erected in 5th century BC encapsulates the richness of Sri Lankan history.This labor of love by the passionate King Kassapa exudes his fixation for luxury and extravagance that is reflected in the masterfully designed water gardens ,the hedonistic mirror walls mesmeric female frescoes .standing tall through the centuries,sigiriya is a symbol of the strength of sri lankan nation,boldly affirming its place in the future and reminding us of our bountiful past.Sigiriya is the most famous place in Sri Lanka.There are many interpretation of the Sigiriya Period,history replete with legend,love and betrayal.But one story remains,the story of kassapa (477-495 AD) its creator,King with an artist's soul.Bards have written about him and plays and films have tried to capture his personality.So Sigiriya is a very important place to Sri Lankan.A lot of tourists visit in Sri Lanka to obtain a good knowledge about our own heritage.We can see a lot of frescoes in Sigiriya.And we can also get a good knowledge about the paintings that have situated in Sigiriya.If you want to gain many facts about Sigiriya you can follow this blog.